A letter to EU Comission : “Systematic violations of civil rights that the Croatian government carries out against its weakest citizens, the ones that are poor and indebted”

European Commission; Cabinets of Commissioners;
Cabinet of President Jean-Claude JUNCKER
Rue de la Loi 200/Wetstraat 200
1049 Bruxelles/Brussel

Dear Sir,

I kindly adress you with the request for an urgent meeting, considering your personal and political commitment that the EU and its respective members be bastions of democracy and freedom.

I turn to you for the second time regarding the frequent, organized and systematic violations of civil rights that the Croatian government carries out against its weakest citizens, the ones that are poor and indebted.

The Croatian government blocks the citizens accounts through a state agency, without court hearings. An appeal doesn’t postpone the perpetration.
The legislator discriminates against the poor.

Anyone can block all of a citizens personal accounts through FINA, the state agency – for bills that are past the period of legislation, that have already been paid or even by the order of a creditor against whom criminal proceedings are pending.
Considering the model of blockade that the government carries out, a citizen doesn’t have the possibility to protect themselves.

The number of people that have a continuous blockade of accounts for over a thousand days reached 320 000. Please note that in December 2010, only 25 000 persons had their accounts blocked. The government introduced this Stalinist model of payment collection that resulted in 320 000 blocked accounts. Given that only 1 400 000 croatian citizens are employed, of which 500 000 are in the public sector, the amount of blocked citizens presents a legal and political absurd.
The European Union needs to react.
The assets are taken in the same way the communist government did in 1945. The debtor doesn’t get instructed about his rights. A notification of the auction gets nailed on the court’s wall and the debtor doesn’t get notified.
Taking into consideration the high amounts of corruption and nepotism in Croatia, and the big gap between the politicians and the citizens, we are asking for a meeting where we could personally introduce You and your associates with this distorted system of foreclosures that no other country in the world carries out.
This is a catastrophic method of exploitation of the weakest, confirmed by the fact that the Croatian citizens ended up being more indebted than the whole Croatian economy!
Every fourth employed Croat’s accounts are blocked by will of the government, for a period of over ten years.
The Croatian government makes a profit of half a billion Croatian kunas a month on account of interest charged on the debt. It doesn’t suspend the increase of interest rates once the debtor has all of their accounts blocked and in that way there is no exit from debt.
The limit of the blockade and usury is of ten years.
This has 320 000 Croats along with the members of their families condemned to a slow death.

We are an organization of citizens, the advocacy group of The Blocked. A year ago we submitted the case “Citizens against the Foreclosures Mafia” to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Criatia, but there was no reply. We reached out to everyone in the country, from the Parliament to all of the State authorities , without receiving any reply. The only support we got was from the President of the Republic that also wrote to the Constitutional Court seeking the repeal of that Foreclosures Act.
The President understands what we meant by calling it a “communist mentality of governing and judgement without the right to a court hearing” because she lived long in the free world of the European Union and the United States of America. She understands why we claim that the Croatian government violates the basic constitutional, civic and human rights.
We don’t have whom to turn to for protection in Croatia. The Constitutional Court is a political body as well.
Considering we studied the methods of foreclosures that the EU carries out, we would want it to be integrated within the Croatian state borders.

Help and assistance are needed from the EU Commission.We kindly ask you for an urgent meeting where the representatives of your organization would bring forth the problem and advised about how to steer the Croatian political government on how to stop deceiving the EU and its own citizens.

Thank You and kind regards,

The Blocked, Advocacy NGO , Croatia
Miriam Kervatin

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